Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Buckeye Classic tournament being held?

The Buckeye Classic is being held at Darree Fields Park in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

Darree Fields Park
6259 Cosgray Rd
Dublin, OH 43016
GPS Lat/Long: 40.097394, -83.198718
(About 20 miles NW of Columbus, Ohio)

What classes / divisions are available?

Participants may compete with either compound or recurve bows in the following age classes:

  • Cadet — Archers may compete as a Cadet through the year of their 17th birthday. 
  • Junior — Archers may compete as a Junior through the year of their 20th birthday.
  • Senior — Archers may compete as a Senior at any age.
  • Master 50+ — Archers may compete as a Master 50+ beginning in the year of their 50th birthday.

When is the registration deadline?

Registration deadline is when the venue reaches capacity (currently slated at 400 archers), but no later than midnight on August 14, 2020.  If the field reaches capacity before this date a waiting list will be maintained.  Registrations may be accepted after the deadline on a space available basis.  For updates on space availability contact Chris Worthen at acearcher1@gmail.com.

It’s important to note that there will be no on-site registration.

What if I need to cancel? Will there be a refund?

Cancellations received on or before August 14, 2020 will receive a full refund minus $20.  Email notification (acearchers1@gmail.com) of cancellation is acceptable.

No refunds after August 14th, 2020.

What membership is required to shoot in the tournament?

Membership in USA Archery is required to participate, as well as to qualify for the United States Archery Team (USAT) and to earn National Ranking System (NRS) points.  Be prepared to show your current USA Archery Membership card at check-in (NFAA members need a USAA temporary membership).

Be sure to verify whether your membership expires before August 28, 2020 and if so, you must renew prior to the tournament.  See USA Archery’s website for complete membership information and steps to qualify.

What is the dress code for archers?

USA Archery Dress Code for Sanctioned Tournaments will be enforced for tournament competition.

Is There a Prize Pool?

Yes.  The total prize pool for all categories will be announced soon.

What rules are there regarding coaches?

During practice, credentialed coaches are allowed in the archers’ area and up to the shooting line, as well as up to the target during arrow retrieval. Once competition begins, credentialed coaches are ONLY allowed in the archers’ area and up to the waiting line. No more than one coach per archer may be at the waiting line during competition.

To obtain coaching credentials, you may purchase them through USA Archery HERE.

Non-credentialed coaches are permitted in designated spectator areas only.

Media / Photographers

Photographers must be credentialed by USA Archery and bound by the USA Archery media policy.  Please forward any inquires to media@usarchery.org.

Shelter / Water

Shaded seating and water will be provided for all archers.  Spectators must provide their own shade and seating behind the designated archer waiting area.

Is there a spectator fee?

There is no entry fee for spectators.  However, spectators must provide their own shade.  Any canopies erected must be secured to ensure their stability.

Equipment Inspections

All archers will be required to have their equipment checked by tournament officials prior to competition. Inspections will be held separately for Senior/Master divisions and Junior/Cadet divisions.

  • Friday, August 28 between 8:00 – 10:30 AM for Senior and Master Divisions
  • Friday, August 28 between 3:30 – 6:00 PM for Junior and Cadet Divisions

Random equipment checks may also occur during the competition at the discretion of the Director of Shooting (DoS).   Click here to review the official USA Archery rules.