COVID-19 Info

Per USA Archery on August 18, 2020:

The safety precautions from Target Nationals will be in place for Buckeye Classic. Archers will be spaced to two archers per target, shooting one archer per line. Archers will be socially distanced under the tents and masks are encouraged when not shooting or when in any public indoor space.

There will be a separate, non-tented area for support personnel (coach, parent, guardian or spectator). All support personnel should bring their own seating and water. Water bottles will be provided for archers, but archers should plan to supply their own ice/coolers.

Everyone who enters the venue will be responsible for compliance with a daily health survey and temperature check.


The following information is what we know as of August 3, 2020.  This page will be updated if and when information changes.

  • QUARANTINE:  Ohio has a recommended quarantine for those coming from “Hot” States (Ohio Coronavirus travel info page).  There is NO mandate and it is not being required for the tournament.
  • MASKS:  We will require MASKS for all NON-Competitors on the “Field of Play”.
  • SYMPTOMS:  EVERYONE entering the Field of Play will be asked about COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature checked each time. If you wear the provided wrist band after your first check you will be able to pass onto the field of play without additional checks.
  • SPECTATORS:  We will NOT allow any non-competitors on the field of play. This includes Coaches. We will not offer any paid spectator seating or any spectator seating directly behind the archers on the field of play. We will allow pop-up tents and chairs to be setup 20 feet behind the shooter tents in the designated areas. At this time all spectators will be mandated to wear a mask. This may change with state orders.
  • SHOOTING LINE:  We will shoot only 2 archers to a bale, one on A line the other on B line in order to provide some distancing.
  • UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE:  We will NOT have unofficial practice on the field.  We do have a facility about 30 minutes away that we will make available for practice on Thursday for a small fee.
  • FOOD:  There will be food trucks on site, but we will not be selling the normal food or drink at the concession stand.
  • SANITATION:  High touch areas will be sanitized between line changes.
  • SCORECARDS:  We will collect scorecards at the bales rather than in the middle of the field.
  • CHECK-IN and EQUIPMENT INSPECTION:  We will run Equipment Inspection and Check-In at the same time, so you must have your equipment with you.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING:  We will ask that you maintain social distancing the best you can.
  • HOTELS:  Embassy Suites has been a fantastic host in the past and will continue to be. Please try to support them as they support us. It’s also one of the best breakfasts around and it’s included.

As always, we know that you have a choice on which tournaments to support, and we greatly appreciate and value you as a competitor and archer.  We will do our best to make this a great experience, but please be patient as we are doing our best to make this tournament run as seamless as possible.  We won’t have frills, but we will run a great event where you can focus on putting up the best scores.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!